Receipts Co will help you to store and search all of your receipts, invoices, sales slips, gift cards, and vouchers from different stores in one place and keep record of your shopping history.

Specifically designed for in-store shopping and saving the hassle of finding receipts. Gives you the freedom from keeping physical copies of receipts.

Receipts Co is not restricted to only receipts, you can save your vouchers, invoices or gift cards to keep track of their expiry date.

Quickly saves photo of receipt or Invoice on the go while shopping. Customises the details regarding receipts for easy search and tracking.

App offers widgets to view quick summary of store. Medium size widget helps you keep track of top receipts/invoices for selected store and/or to keep an eye on upcoming warranties of your products.


Version 1.1.0

This is the first version to our app.

What’s New

  • iPad app: Beautiful iPad version of the app is available now and you can do more on the iPad and manage your receipts more smartly.

  • iCloud sync: App now supports the iCloud sync and data will be synced to iCloud if you do not turn it off. Also, the data will be synced between multiple devices if the app is installed on multiple devices and are logged in with same Apple ID.

Version 1.0.1

This is the first version to our app.

  • Widgets: Beautiful widgets to keep and eye on the spending summary on a store or configure the widget to keep track on product warranties.

  • Quick create: Quickly create using camera or choose from your photo library. Add existing receipts from photo library.

  • Easy Organisation: App helps you keep your receipts in organised way for easy search.

  • Product Tracking > Keep an eye on the product warranties.

  • Tagging: Tag the receipts to search them easily later.